Megan O’Neill – User Experience Designer and Strategist

About Me
I’m a Senior UX Designer and spend my days focusing on developing and improving PayPal’s Consumer digital wallet. My designs focus on creating simplified and intuitive experiences. Prior to working on the digital wallet I was the lead UX Designer for the Standards and Patterns team. During my time on the Standards team I created numerous design patterns and facilitated cross organization design discussions.

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Design Philosophy
I believe that keeping focus on human connection should be at the core of all of our experiences  (people ≠ buying machines). I also strongly believe that simple and intuitive interactions are key to meaningful user experiences  (“of course” > “wow!”).

Beyond 9-5
In addition to my passion for design, I also love mentoring and coaching. In 2008 I transitioned from being a competitive roller derby skater into a coaching role. Since then I have traveled internationally and all over the United States coaching and leading roller derby bootcamps. I currently coaches for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls – an all-female player, full-contact, flat track roller derby league based in Santa Cruz, CA. The league competes in the top division (Division 1) of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and maintains a 501(c)3 organization status.

Beyond roller derby, I enjoy tackling my bucket list and baking fun cakes. I also firmly believe that some situations call for an emergency piñata.